Axiebal 7

Axiebal 7

Puzzles and balls combine in this platform game


  • Level editor
  • Nice mix of puzzle and action


  • Graphics poor
  • No multiplayer mode

Very good

What do you get if you mix balls, puzzles and action and add your own level editor in their for good measure?

The answer is Axiebal 7 which sees you control a ball through a valley of torment and even allows you to design your own levels. Axiebal 7 works on a top-down view and scrolling levels to give you the feel of a hand held console game. Your aim is basically to guide the ball through several death defying levels while avoiding all kinds of obstacles and dangers that lie in your way.

On your way, you must collect flags until you reach your base again. However, the biggest danger you'll face is falling off a cliff so steering your ball to reach the craftily placed flags is not as easy as it may sound. There are also solid walls that stand in your way but you can blow them up with bombs to find your way home. Best of all however is the Axiebal 7 level editor which gives you the option to create your own challenges and courses when the default levels become too boring.

For a free fun game, Axiebal 7 is a decent time waster and offers a nice combination of action and puzzles.

Axiebal 7


Axiebal 7

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